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Shenzhen Hiorange Lighting Co., Ltd

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Hiorange Group has been recognized as a leading manufacturing integrater specialized in industrial lighting and outdoor lighting multifaceted in terms of efficacy, lifespan, reliability, energy saving, and performance. Located in Shenzhen, with easy access to transportation and factory audit trip provides a superior geographic advantages for partners both abroad and at home.

We have been committed to providing application-specific total solutions to fulfill various lighting needs from across the world ranging from harsh environments of complex mining industry in Oceania, high-end workshop of advanced automobile manufacturing facilities in Northern Europe, large area lighting for Logistic Terminal and Port in Southern Europe, and many other industrial facilities worldwide.

Our mission drives us to grow business together with our partners to compete and win the market share in their local markets. We strive to deliver high performance total solutions and would always be willing to go exta miles to turn your dreams into reality.

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